Experience the Leon Family Gallery at the Simon Family JCC as never before! From Yoni Alter’s pop art styled city skylines to the social media juggernaut Humans of Tel Aviv, this year’s vibrant line-up of art and photography exhibits allow self-guided tours to explore how art and community intersect.


All exhibits are free and open to the public, allowing the community access to collections featuring a variety of mediums that represent Israeli and Jewish artists. There’s a different exhibit every other month, so make sure to visit often!

Photographs by underwater photographer Amos Nachoum in the Leon Family Gallery

Underwater photographer Amos Nachoum, a well-known and highly experienced wildlife photographer and explorer, has been pushing the boundaries of human interactions with predatory animals for decades.


As the leader of Big Animal Expeditions, he has come face to face with some of nature’s most revered species both on land and underwater. From cage-less dives with great whites to close encounters with anacondas and leopard seals, his outstanding portfolio of images on display speaks for itself.


Amos’ favorite wildlife experience was his most adventurous and ambitious assignment of them all. After months of planning and preparation, Amos traveled to the Arctic to capture polar bears underwater—something so difficult that more people in history have visited the moon! Thanks to meticulous planning and an excellent support team, the expedition was a resounding success and the realization of Amos’ dream to photograph swimming polar bears is now the subject of a feature length documentary titled Picture of His Life.


When not pioneering new ways to get close to big animals, Amos is also a professional speaker who has taken part in two TEDx events discussing his work and raising awareness about the threatened and endangered species he photographs and the need to promote their conservation.

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