8 2020

Never Alone with co-authors Natan Shransky and Gil Troy

1:00PM - 2:00PM  

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Virtual event via Zoom Webinar Presented by the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater & the Simon Family JCC Lee and Bernard Jaffe Family Jewish Book Festival in partnership with The National JCC Literary Consortium


In 1977, Natan Sharansky, a leading activist in the democratic dissident movement in the Soviet Union and the movement for free Jewish emigration, was arrested by the KGB. He spent nine years as a political prisoner, convicted of treason against the state. Every day, Sharansky fought for individual freedom in the face of overt tyranny, a struggle that would come to define the rest of his life.


Never Alone reveals how Sharansky's years in prison, many spent in harsh solitary confinement, prepared him for a very public life after his release. As an Israeli politician and the head of the Jewish Agency, Sharansky brought extraordinary moral clarity and uncompromising, often uncomfortable, honesty. His story is suffused with reflections from his time as a political prisoner, from his seat at the table as history unfolded in Israel and the Middle East, and from his passionate efforts to unite the Jewish people.


Natan Sharansky and leading presidential historian and former two time Israel Today expert, Gil Troy, with frankness, affection, and humor, offer profound insights from a man who embraced the essential human struggle: to find his own voice, his own faith, and the people to whom he could belong.


Tickets: $6 or $36 with book (includes shipping).  A limited number of signed books are available.

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