Jewish War Veterans - Old Dominion Post 158

Adam Goldberg
P: 831-917-3996

The oldest active Veterans organization in America, chartered in 1896 by an act of congress, the Jewish War Veterans brings together citizens of the USA with joint ties of a common Jewish heritage and the experience of serving in the U .S . Armed Forces. It is the organization’s goal to apply experiences in the military as civilians to “be of greater service to our country, our community, and above all to our fellow veterans.”

JWV Post 158 works to instill the tenets of the National HQ’s mission within the local community by imparting true allegiance to the USA and love of country and flag, combating bigotry and darkness wherever originating and defending whomever it targets, preserving the spirit of comradeship to fellow veterans and their families, honoring the memory and shielding from neglect the graves of the community’s heroic dead, and most importantly to preserve the memories and records of those men and women of the Jewish faith who “did us proud by bearing the brunt of battle in the patriotic service of our great country.”